Stuff to do around Fairborn

The Late Show's Top Ten Things to do in/around Fairborn:

10. Dine at Clifton Mill ( or drink a pint at Ye Olde Trail Tavern (

9.    Walk around Wright State.  You won’t believe how big it’s grown.

8.    Tour Baker Junior High School (Saturday 8:00 a.m.)

7.    Commune with nature at John Bryan State Park, ( or Glen Helen (

6.    Watch them make ice cream at Young’s Dairy (, then get a double dip cone

5.    Giovanni’s (, my vote for the best pizza in the world.

4.    Play a round or two of golf (see Jack Huls, Jeff Fueger or Greg Bruchs)

Praire Trace Golf Club (WPAFB)

Beavercreek Golf Club

WGC Golf Course (Xenia)

Sebastian Hills Golf Club (Xenia)

3      Visit the Air Force Museum.  Only the Smithsonian is better.

2.    Buy some penny candy at Foy’s

And the number one thing to do while visiting Fairborn:

  1. Drive around Fairborn and see how much has changed, how much as stayed the same